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Session 1 Subject Faculty
Week 1   DC305 Basics Mark Doornink
 Herd Dynamics  Doug Degroff
 Herd Health Programs  Pablo Pinedo
Week 2  Dairy Cattle Genetics & Genomics  Chad Dechow
Week 3   Dairy Reproductive Physiology & on Farm Programs  Matt Lucy & Scott Poock
Week 4    Animal Welfare  Jim Reynolds
 Milk Quality  Matt Taylor
Week 5   Dairy Cattle Nutrition  Mike Hutjens
Week 6   Mastitis & Milking Machine Management  Larry Fox
Session 2 Subject                                                                  Faculty                         
Week 1 Herd Dynamics Patrick French
Week 2 Calf & Heifer Management Jon Robison
Week 3 Advanced Reproductive Programs Amin Ahmadzadeh
Week 4 Dairy Cattle Assessment Programs Mike Ballou
Heat Stress Management Bob Collier
Practical Dairy Cattle Nutrition Sharron Cobb
Week 5 Dairy HR Issues Lisa Holden
Forage Production Wes Kezar
Week 6 Dairy Work Place Issues Dave Douphrate
Herd Health Programs Chris Chase

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