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The US Dairy Education and Training Consortium will hold its 2019 session on the campus of Clovis Community College, Clovis, NM. Clovis is located in eastern New Mexico, approximately 10 miles from the Texas state line and located on US 60.  Classes will start at 8 AM on Monday May 13 in the “Board Room”  Room 512 of Clovis Community College  (413 Sheppes Blvd., Clovis, NM). That morning we will be provided a tour of the facilities, including the recreation facilities, have orientation and complete paperwork, and start class.


The default motel is the King’s Inn, 1320 Mabry Drive. We have used this motel for the past nine years. The motel is located on the main highway through Clovis. Your room will be available on Saturday, May 11. You need to complete the room request form! As an option this year, if you are eligible for rooming, you may select your own housing. The consortium will pay the amount it cost to have a room at the King’s Inn directly to the hotel at which you are staying. The consortium does not pay for housing at a home or friend’s apartment.  Refer to the motel information sheet for additional information.


Each room has two double beds. You are able to select your roommate or we will assign one. A single room supplement is available at a cost of $750, paid at the start of the consortium. Roommates shall be of the same sex, unless the couple is married.


Driving: Check MAPQUEST for driving instructions.

Air Travel: Clovis is located 225 miles from Albuquerque; 101 miles from Lubbock, and 112 miles from Amarillo. These three airports have much larger flight schedules and are serviced by discount airlines such as Southwest. We will provide several airport pick-ups at the Lubbock airport only on Sunday, May 12. Let us know your flight arrival time so we are able to coordinate the pickup time. Likewise, on Saturday June 22, we will provide transportation to the LBB airport. There is a time zone change between Texas and New Mexico. Therefore it will take 3 hours to get to LBB from Clovis. That means, you should not book return flights earlier than 10 am. We will pick you up at LBB and we will return you to LBB!!! The consortium does not pay travel costs to get you to LBB.

Clovis has a small regional airport. Flight service is available between Clovis (CVS) and Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW). The flights are operated by Boutique Airline and are flown two times a day. They cost $89 to $139 each way, depending on how early you book your flight. Their website is  Unfortunately, they operate from the general aviation portion of DFW and your baggage is unable to be checked through to your final destination. Upon landing at DFW, you call them and they pick you up at baggage claim and take you to the general aviation area at DFW. You need to make a separate reservation with them since they are not connected to the major airlines. We will pick you up at the Clovis airport. Your tickets are not co-joined with other airlines. I do not recommend flying into Clovis if you are flying international.


You are required to have a pair of boots, preferably rubber, that will be washed and disinfected prior to and at exiting of each dairy. If you do not bring a pair with you, there is a Wal-Mart Super Center and farm supply store in Clovis.


We provide continental breakfast each morning at the college. Additionally, there is a snack bar at CCC that makes excellent breakfast tacos.  Lunch is provided Monday through Friday.  Additionally, we will have at least one sponsored evening meal per week.


We will be in a class room and visiting dairies on a daily basis.  If you do not already have a pair of rubber boots, you need to purchase a pair prior to your first trip to a dairy. For bio-security reasons, we will disinfect boots prior to and when we leave EACH dairy. During May, weather will be temperate with the possibility of being very windy with blowing dust. There are laundromats within close proximity to the motel.


You will be provided a local information sheet that contains local information such as medical, restaurants, churches, etc. Clovis does have a Super WalMart!


We will provide transportation to the dairies. Additionally, vans will daily depart from the motel to the classroom and return in the afternoon. If you do not have a car, van service may be arranged to go shopping, church, laundromat, etc. at no cost.


It might be advantageous to bring a power strip, extension cord and a plug that allows you to insert your three prong plug into a 2 prong outlet, non grounded.

Laptop or Tablet

This year you will have access to all the lecture presentations electronically. You will be allowed to view the download on your computer during class. If you desire to have a printed copy, provisions will be made to allow you to print the pages that you desire.


Pets are NOT allowed


Firearms are NOT allowed

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