Student Q&A

When will the King’s Inn be available?

The King’s Inn will be available for move-in on Saturday, May 11. However, most students will arrive on Sunday, May 12.

What type of room do I have?

All rooms are equipped with two double beds, microwave and refrigerator. You will have daily maid service. You need to bring an extension cord, power strip, extra clothes hangers.

What about washing clothes?

There is a modern clean laundromat within walking distance of the King’s Inn.

What about restaurant close to the motel?

Within walking distance is are Thai, Italian, steak house, Dairy Queen, Mexican, “ Mom and Pop”, Long John Silvers and Subway restaurants

If flying, where should I fly into and will someone pick me up?

We will provide pickup service at the Lubbock Airport (LBB) on Sunday. We will have multiple pickups that day, once we know the time you will be arriving. Plan to leave on Saturday, June 22 with flights after 10 AM. There is a time zone change between Texas and New Mexico so it will take us 1 hour to get to Clovis from LBB BUT 3 hours to get to LBB from Clovis.

What type of clothing should I bring?

Casual! Remember this is the high plains so weather is very variable. Bring warm clothes for the first past while you might need lighter clothes for the latter part of the program. It could be in the 40’s or 100!! Bring rain gear!

Will I need to bring a pair of rubber boots?

You will need a pair of rubber boots. There is a Super WalMart as well as a farm supply store if you do not want to place them in your luggage.

Transportation in Clovis

Vans will leave from the King’s Inn to Clovis Community College (CCC) every morning and return to King’s Inn after class. When we go to the dairies, you must ride in the vans. We do not want individual cars used for this purpose, unless you have received authorization from
Dr. H or Dr. T.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held at the CCC. It is 2.1 Miles from the King’s Inn and located at 4177 Schepps Blvd.

How long will I be in class?

Each day is usually made up of 4 hours of class instruction and 4 hours of dairy/lab or computer.

Where do we have lunch?

We provide lunches 5 days a week. If you have a food allergy, please let Dr. T. know and we will do our best to provide alternative foods. However, you need to work with us since we have a very limited staff to prepare the meals. Lunch is served at the Curry County fair grounds.

If I do not have a car, how will I get around?

Once there, you will acquire friends and they will provide transportation. In addition, the van drivers are able to take you to WalMart, church, etc.

How often are we tested?

Most instructors will give a daily quiz and every Friday you will have an exam over the material covered that week.

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