Student/Faculty Information


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Week 1: Mr. Mark Dornick, Dr. Greg Bethard & Dr. Pablo Pinedo

Week 2: Dr. Chad Dechow

Week 3: Dr. Gordie Jones, Dr. Lisa Holden and Dr. Matt Taylor

Week 4: Dr. Amin Ahmadzadeh and Dr. Scott Poock

Week 5: Dr. Larry Fox

Week 6: Dr. Mike Hutjens


Week 1: Dr. Don Niles and Dr. Albert DeVries

Week 2: Dr. Jon Robison

Week 3: Dr. Lisa Holden and Dr. Wes Kezar

Week 4: Dr. Bob Collier and Dr. Mike Gamroth

Week 5: Mr. Arlin Brannstorm

Week 6: Dr. David Douphrate & Dr. Chris Chase

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